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The science of effective organizations






For every problem, there is a solution. The key is to find the most effective and efficient solution to your unique problem. Organizational Kimistry uses creative problem solving to evaluate your distinctive organizational needs and the necessary components to succeed. We believe that there is a science to organizational effectiveness. From strategic planning to process improvement, Organizational Kimistry will employ various techniques and resources to guide you on the road to maximizing your organization’s potential.

About Us

Workshop Topics

Turn your Vision into an Action plan

Wholistic Leadership

  • Wholistic Leadership: An Approach to Systemic Organizational Change

  • Wholistic Leadership: Igniting Change from Within

  • Wholistic Leadership: An Approach to Building High-Performance Teams

  • Wholistic Leadership: Igniting Positive Organizational Change

Do It Afraid

  • Do it Afraid: Making Progress in Life Despite Fear

  • Do It Afraid: A Key to Curing Imposter Syndrome

  • Do It Afraid: More Faith than Fear

  • Do It Afraid: Making Lemonade out of Life's Lemons

  • Do It Afraid: "No" is a Complete Sentence

  • Do It Afraid: The Strength to Leave a Good Man

Dare to be Rare

  •  Dare to be Rare: Bringing out your Inner Unicorn with a Personal Strategic Plan

  • Dare to be Rare: Finding Your Superpower

  • Dare to be Rare: Bringing Innovation Back to HR

  • Dare to be Rare: Being Imperfectly Me

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